After the system architect, hardware and software engineers have been consulted about the product to be designed, the mechanical engineer will start devise and designing the mechanical parts. This can apply to both the inside and the outside of the product desired by the customer. In the case of the VEDS Group, mechanical design stands for the non-electronic part of a product.
First of all, questions arise to find out what the core of the problem is: how should the product function and what should it look like. How big should the product be? What requirements are there for the product? Several questions that are decisive for the functioning of the product. Next, we go through an entire creative process, which varies from quick hand sketches to elaborate injection-moulded parts. Among other things, the engineer must take into account the designed hardware, the type of materials to be used, heat transport and potential condensation formation inside the design of electronic solutions. 

Our services apply to first prototypes as well as 0-series and series production. We look for the appropriate production technology.

we are specialized in

injection moulding
3D printed products
sheet material (laser cutting, bending and squaring)
CNC parts (turning and milling)
production and testing tools
devising functional use
defining the look and feel of the product
bearing in mind the producibility and assembly possibilities

Mechanica ontwikkeling: CAD Solidworks
design packages  

We have the mechanical CAD design package:


Mechanica ontwikkeling: EVSE Cube Charging
premium product  

Because VEDS Group has access to all facets of (electronic) product development, the end result will always be a fully-fledged product with hardware and mechanics fully aligned. Together with you, the mechanics engineers ensure the desired look and performance of your product. 

Mechanica ontwikkeling: 3D printer Ultimaker
From a mechanical point of view, we also design concepts from the basis to a desired end product. In addition, we can support our customers in the electronic integration. By means of 3D-drawings and the help of our Ultimaker 3 Extended 3D-printer, we can create and test the best fitting and beautiful designs from the start.

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A hardware designer designs the electronic hardware for use in an electronic device. By first drawing a schematic diagram, they can eventually layout the PCB. Together with the software designers, they make sure that the design of the system architect is realised, so that the result works as the customer wants it to.


An (embedded) software designer designs, improves and maintains software written for electronic devices and machines, (computer) programmes and applications based on the requirements and wishes of the customer. The (embedded) software designer carries out extensive tests and checks during the development of the new software before it is used by the final users.

production & assembly 

The production and assembly staff ensure that the designed products come to life. The production department produces and assembles the PCBs using a stencil-, SMD- and soldering machine and provides conventional hand assembly and (final) checks. The assembly department ensures that the end products are assembled according to the customer's wishes.

completed projects

We carry out our projects for and with our clients, with whom the VEDS Group wishes to create a liveable, technological world together. Are you curious about concrete examples of completed projects and products? We have listed a number of them for you.

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