Veeren Electronic Design Solutions, abbreviated V.E.D.S., Q-Matrix and Wingz. Together these 3 entities form the VEDS Group. We help you from smaller activities like supporting your own project, to the complete realization (including project management) of your yet to be realized technological ideas. This makes us the perfect all-in partner for (future) customers; from start-ups to large international parties.


is the quote with which John Veeren in 1994 started Veeren Electronic Design Solution (VEDS) BV on the attic of his house. After years of working as a hardware engineer for other companies, he decided to put his passion into his own business.

We still work from this simple quote, which has changed in:

John Veeren van Veeren Electronic Design Solutions BV
VEDS gevestigd op High Tech Campus Eindhoven (HTCe)


VEDS Group has grown into a family business with 25+ employees. After the first hardware engineer started working for V.E.D.S. BV in 1999, a small prototype production company followed in 2005: Q-Matrix BV. The company continued to grow, after which WingZ was founded in 2007. This part of the company develops (embedded) software. This created VEDS Group: an all in-house (fine) electronic product development company where being a single point of contact for customers is key. Since 2008, we are located at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven - the Brainport centre of the Netherlands.

our core values

Below you can read about our core values. They describe who we are and what we stand for. These values help us in our daily and future choices. With every decision, no matter how big or small, we act accordingly and deliver quality products. The combination of our core qualities ensures that we can support our customers in their success. In addition, it is important to us to create a greener world with an eye to the future.

In order to contribute to a better world with our core values, we want to grow even further. The ambition is to eventually be the top player in the (Dutch) market for embedded product development, with the name VEDS Group as a quality stamp.

high quality

delivering quality products is a must and the most important value within VEDS Group.


we do what we promise, supporting our customers in their success.


constantly be on the move, which ensures the smartest and best-developed products and colleagues.


helps us to brainstorm for and develop the best products.


for a better world; within the VEDS Group we have been working on greening for years.


why have a customer/supplier relationship when you can enter into a partnership (where desired).


Employees and colleagues must be able to use their talents and develop themselves alongside the products. For us, an important value in this is: Happy colleagues make for happy customers. To be happy in your work, you must enjoy it and it must challenge you. Only then can you become the best. Besides the fun in the daily work, we organise quarterly get-togethers and annual outings. Colleagues also have lunch together and some go for walks. We have a dartboard and table football tables that are regularly used, in between meetings or during, for example, our monthly cake moment.

Office Veeren Electronic Design Solutions
Office Veeren Electronic Design Solutions; hardware & software


How you become the best is up to you. The Dutch sayings 'Act normal, that's already crazy enough' or 'Nothing can be crazy enough'; it all fits within the thoughts of VEDS Group. Find your own path, there is no single road that leads to Rome. We at VEDS Group can support you in this by providing education and training, but also by means of training on the job.


Since 2017, we have worked according to the Scrum/Agile methodology and the Holacracy model. We have applied these within our quality standards. This means that we work without management, but with self-managing teams. There are no real functions; everyone fulfils roles. These roles are not fixed and are dynamic. Per project, each discipline is added to the teams. The teams themselves bear the responsibilities and execution of the work within the assigned project.

Agile & Scrum sessie Veeren Electronic Design Solutions


In 2018, VEDS Group was approached to take part in the television programme Van Passie naar Droombaan (From Passion to Dream Job). We liked the idea and said 'Yes', to work together with Nyoyn International to participate. Here is the result of our contribution.

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