The ever-innovating world of electric charging;


At the moment, more and more charging systems for electric cars are coming onto the market, most of which are designed in such a way that one charging system can be created per three-phase power connection. Our customer E-Nuevo devised a system in which several charging systems can be realized per three-phase connection.

As a proud partner, we designed the hardware, software and realized the complete mechanical design of this new product: the Cube. Mechanically, the product had to be compact and simple, which presented a number of challenges in view of the high current.

Ultimately, a system of approximately 15x15x8 cm was created with an internally embedded managed energy distribution system, which means that up to 30 charging systems can be created on one strong current connection. This ensures optimum efficiency of this connection. The whole has a user-friendly user interface based on LED indications, which keeps the power consumption low and efficient. All this with a view to a sustainable future.

The first installations of the Cube have already started; at the High Tech Campus (in Eindhoven) and at AutoLeaseTeam, among others.

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The multilayer PCB