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    VEDS Group assists you from idea to realization: which aspects of our knowledge and services can you use, so that your idea is available on the market within the desired time?

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    Your 'one-stop-shop' partner from A to Z: from the base in PCB design to small-scale (prototype) production. Read here how our project organization and approach works.

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    For over 20 years we have been offering our services in various markets, so that the world becomes technically smarter, more sustainable, safer and greener every day.

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    Technically progressive and challenging. Innovative and reliable.

    The VEDS Group develops and realizes electronic solutions. Our core objective is to ensure a suitable developed high-quality product, enabling customers and partners to make optimum use of technical innovation in their own specific market.

    We have developed beautiful projects and products since 1994. Starting with PCB design only, we have grown into a company with solid knowledge of (PCB) hardware, (embedded) software and mechanical design. In addition, since 2004 we have been producing and assembling our own developed prototypes and the corresponding small series.

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    We work from a clear customer focus with thorough technical knowledge. In doing so, we strive for long-term relationships with our customers and employees, based on mutual trust. Our project leaders and engineers use the Scrum / Agile methodology in the projects, which we apply within the quality standards of ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 13485:2016.

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    Working at VEDS Group means working at the best employer in our industry. Do you think you fit into our team with your knowledge and skills? Read more about VEDS Group as an employer here and see which vacancies are open.

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    Do you have an idea, but not the possibilities and / or knowledge to develop this electronic solution? Then we are the perfect partner! We are your 'one-stop-shop' where you can go for every step of the development process.

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