The process from an idea to the realisation of a product can become more complex as more disciplines are involved.

VEDS Group helps you with that!

Since 1994, we have been developing beautiful projects and products. Starting with just PCB design, we have grown into a company offering (PCB) hardware, software (embedded) and mechanical design to our customers and partners. In addition, since 2005 we have been producing and assembling our own developed prototypes and the accompanying (0-)series.

Everything starts with your idea. We can help you with that: what wishes do you have for your product and which aspects of our knowledge and services can you use to make your idea available on the market within the desired time frame? We can realise part of your idea, but also carry out the entire process for and with you. We work from a clear customer focus with thorough technical knowledge, striving for long-term relationships with our customers and employees, based on mutual trust.

The speed at which the technical market is developing is enormous. This requires flexibility and adaptation from us as electronic product designers, but also requires the further development of knowledge among colleagues within the company. In order to help customers reap the benefits of the fast-growing electrical market, VEDS Group is and will always be up to date with the latest developments and will also apply them where customers require.

Since 2017, we have been working according to the Scrum/Agile methodology and the Holacracy model. By starting the day with a Sunrise meeting, we ensure that within the projects colleagues can steer and support each other and make use of each other's talents. For every project, someone from each discipline is added. The teams themselves bear the responsibilities and execution of the work within the assigned project. The Scrum method supports the self-management of the Holacracy, allowing us to achieve the optimal end result for projects and products.

the process

After you have discussed your idea and decided to start the project with VEDS Group, the engineers (together with the project manager) start with the first steps of the product development. The system architect, hardware, software and mechanical engineers are consulted about the product to be designed.


At the start of a project, the system architect examines what is electronically required in order to create a fully-functioning product. An overview is made of what specifications are needed from the various engineering departments to create a working end product. He takes care of an elaboration of this, after which the requirements list (RL) for the various engineering departments can be drawn up. When these are approved by the customer, the designated project engineers get to work on the development.

During the product development process, several consultation and possibly delivery moments with the customers are scheduled. The progress and any additional requirements or changes are discussed during these meetings.

physical product 

When the design process is finished, the production (and possible assembly) of the prototypes will start. It is important to have a well-functioning prototype before the customer moves on to the production of the 0-series. Then when errors occur changes and corrections can be made. The 0-series is always a smaller production run than a series production, VEDS Group recommends that this series should not be much larger than approximately 100 pieces. If any problems do occur in the field, they can be intercepted before the large(er) series production starts. We also carry out the (final) assembly and (final) testing of these prototypes and (0-)series, according to the wishes of the customer.

our departments

Hardware ontwikkeling
hardware design

The hardware engineers design the printed circuit board(s) (PCB) with the accompanying diagrams and layouts.

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Embedded Software ontwikkeling
software design

An (embedded) software engineer programs and tests equipment, integrates and maintains back- and front-end, designs APIs and mobile application development.

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Mechanica ontwikkeling
mechanical design

The mechanical engineer invents and designs mechanical parts, this can apply to both the inside and outside of the customer's desired product.

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SMD assemblage + productie
production & assembly

Besides product design, we also produce the designed products: from prototypes to (0-)series productions. We also carry out (final) assemblies and (final) tests.

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high quality products

Delivering quality is a subject that is very important in our company: whether in documentation, consulting or in products and services. At VEDS Group, we only go for the design and production of high quality products. With this in mind, VEDS Group has established its own quality system. In all our projects, our quality system and the IPC standards (production) are leading, which, in combination with our experience and flexibility, enables us to deliver the desired result. 

quality system 

The application of our quality system ensured that we have been ISO 9001-certified since 2006. A system that focuses on the continuous improvement of processes, in which flexibility and speed are well combined with quality assurance of delivered products and services. In addition, we have ISO 13485-certification for a number of years.

we have the following certifications 

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 13485:2016
IPC-A-610 (production)
Erkend Leerbedrijf (
Recognised training company)

In addition to our own certifications, we work for customers who carry certifications such as: AQAP 2120, CE and UL.

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