VEDS Group has been working on reducing its footprint for a long time. We are trying to make the company more sustainable in various ways. Read below how we are currently doing our bit for a better world.         

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Doing your bit for a better world starts with yourself: in this case with VEDS Group. We have already taken several steps to become more sustainable, including choosing sustainable options for office supplies and canteen equipment. These include organic, recycled and ecologically sound products, such as: ecologically sound and recycled paper and packaging materials; minimising disposable materials such as coffee cups and spoons; and recycling consumption and shipping materials. We also encourage - where possible - our colleagues to drive electric vehicles. In addition, when developing products for partners and third parties, we make the most environmentally responsible choices, so that these electronic solutions (will) create better climate conditions. In addition, we are literally greening our office environment with air-purifying plants, which creates a better and healthier working environment. 


We receive a lot of parcels from for example Asia and the US, which prompted the question: 'What can we do as a company to reduce or compensate for these CO2 emissions?' After checking several option, it turned out that Trees for All would be a good partner for us. This company offers individuals and companies the opportunity to offset their CO2 consumption by planting trees. They do this by starting several projects in different forested areas of our world.

Read more about the cooperation with Trees for All here.

Samenwerking VEDS en TREES FOR ALL
Samenwerking VEDS en Archipel


Very soon, we will be listed as a sponsor on an E-Crafter bus for Archipel. We are sponsoring this bus so that elderly people can be transported from their homes to day care and any outings.

Our client F1rst arranges the infrastructure for charging these buses. Because this bus has no CO2 emissions, the purpose of the bus appeals to VEDS Group and it offers a local connection, we entered into this sponsorship.


Besides the fact that we at VEDS Group are working on the sustainability of our company, our landlord is also working on the sustainability of the campus where our company is located. The High Tech Campus (HTC) in Eindhoven aims to become the 'most sustainable campus of Europe' by 2025. This has direct positive effects for VEDS Group, which we notice by the fact that we use solar panels to generate electricity and are also supplied with green electricity, that we separate our waste and that the HTC is a green environment to work in. These are just a few examples: Read more about the preservation of the High Tech Campus here.

Veeren Electronic Design Solutions (VEDS) BV gevestigd op High Tech Campus Eindhoven

This socially responsible way of compensating promotes the ecological recovery of the earth. This makes our already literally green PCBs greener in a figurative way too. We continue to innovatively look for ways to reduce our footprint. This will be a reassuring thought for our customers and partners who are also consciously working on sustainability."

John Veeren - CEO John Veeren  • CEO VEDS Group

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