The Open Charge Point Protocol (OCCP)


For almost two years, the charging system the EVSE Cube from F1RST, designed by VEDS Group, has been on the market. But how can the owner of an electric car read after charging how many kWh his car has charged via that specific charging point?

With the EVSE Cube embedded, F1RST directly uses the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP). This is an internationally recognized initiative with the aim of allowing electric charging stations from different vendors to communicate with each other. The OCPP therefore serves as an intermediary for the connection between the charging system and the 'back end' ((part of the) program invisible to the user). The EVSE Cube sends messages/data via the OCPP to the backend server, so that real-time data is available about the charging stations.

The data that is sent back can then be viewed by customers in their own front end (for example, the app on their phone). This means that customers can see, among other things, how many kWh they have charged with their electric car and how long this took.

This named back end of F1RST is provided by VEDS Group.

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